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Create Now!

This is the first step in the creation process: you must choose what you want to do. For this you have several posibilities. For a more detailed description you can also read the "Creation Guidelines".

1. Download template

Download one of the templates we provide to you and sketch your model inside the borders. More details regarding this method can be found in the Designing page

2. Use a free model

You can use one of the several free models available in the "Free Models Gallery". This can be used as is or you can download it and modify it to your needs.

3. Draw & Send

If you have trouble designing your model in a vector graphic application there is another option available to you. You can draw your model using a permanent marker and a piece of paper. Or you can draw it using a graphic tablet. Once you're done you can scan it and upload it to the website. More details regarding this method can be found on this page.

4. Use a photo

If you would like to print a photo on wood, plastic, special laserables materials, textiles or maybe glass, this is the way to go. First you need to select a picture of high quality in which the main subject should be in the first plane and it's visibility should not be affected by anything. Then you upload it to our website, you choose the material you would like the photo printed on and place your order. More details about this method can be found in the "Photoengraving" page

Upload model or Use a free model