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Terms & Conditions

This website is an aid for designers who want to make products after their own plans and sell products and/or their plans.

The designers remain copyright owners of their products and plans.

These terms and conditions refer only to the use of this website, the services we offer and the operations that we do with customer records (accounts).

Accesing this website you agree that you have understood and accepted these terms and conditions of use. We reserve the right to change these terms periodically bringing amendments which will come into effect from the date they were posted.

How will the retailers and designers work with Myfav.ro:

They will have to make an account on the site - this registration is free. Myfav.ro puts them at their disposal an online store product, where they can present their products and projects.

Attention: All products and sketches that you upload to our website must belong to you, or should have the explicit agreement of the creator for use.

Making products and sketches:

The designers and retailers should make an order in which to specify the material and quantity of the products or subassemblies. Since that order was given it can not be canceled without our consent. Immediate cancellation costs are 40 Euro.

After completion, we will pack and send to the address communicated by the customer, and the payment will be performed in the manner and in the timeline determined by mutual agreement.

You can advertise putting pictures of products on myfav.ro, where they will be seen by all those who visit the website.

Selling goods

Potential clients will contact you directly, without our intervention, and you can set with them the payment and shipment.

Myfav.ro will not buy or sell the products or plans, and will not give any guarantee regarding the payment or shiping of the products to your customers.

Buying products:

Anyone can visit the shop online and send a request to purchase to the author or seller.

Manufacturing process:

No product made by us, according to sketches / images sent to the site can not be returned based on unfounded reasons. We can only guarantee that the products will be made according to your specifications and will be made in accordance with the procedures used by us. We can not guarantee that the products will suit a particular purpose.

If the products are defective, please contact us first and communicate the nature of the defect and any other details we require. Do not send the product back before we accept it.

Any warranty claim must be made immediately after the defect was found, but not later than 15 days after receiving the product.


While we make every effort possible to send goods to the consignee, we can not be held responsible for possible delays or nondelivery. The delivery is considered done when the package reaches the specified address of the recipient.

Conflicts between sellers and buyers:

We take no responsibility for the quality of products or sketches (including plans and quality finishes). We do not monitor nor verify the quality and shape of each product or sketch arriving on site, so we can not be held responsible for any problems arising. Buyers will discuss / negotiate directly with retailers, without our intervention.

User Accounts:

Each user account is assigned to a single person. It is not allowed to be used by multiple users. We assume the right to suspend any user account for such practices and to refuse any registration for that user.

Intellectual Property:

The designers keep their copyright on their products or sketches. This will ensure myfav.ro only the nonexclusive right, limited, to show these products loaded on our website. These rights come into effect from the date the images of products/plans have been put on the website, and continue for a period of 6 months after they were removed.

Granting these rights to us will not prevent you to grant the same rights to others. You must inform us of any change of copyright plans or parts of them.

Our intellectual property

We have all rights to use and provide services on this website, all content of the site (data, text, images, videos, articles, illustrations ...), excluding products and sketches submitted by users.

You may not post or distribute content from any part of the website or its content in public or on the internet without our explicit consent.

Any breach of copyright will be punished according to the laws that regulate copyright in Romania and the European Community.

User information:

Using this website and the services provided will generate some information / data to be stored on digital storage media. They and the way we use them are part of our Privacy Policy.

You agree that we can use this data to offer better services. Examples of use of data: user account management, maintaining contact with clients for information on published news, for transport, etc.. You can always request what personal information are in our possession or to request correction of any mistakes.

Our Responsibility:

We provide access to the website and make every effort to ensure that it works correctly, but we can not guarantee that it will work without interruptions and errors. As a result, we are not responsible for losses incurred as a result of disruption in the functioning of the site (for any reason), suspending access to the site or delete the user account, etc..

User's Responsibility

Access to the website shall be based on a name and a password that you can change anytime you want. Each user assumes responsibility for unauthorized access as a result of loss of privacy/data security access. They will also be responsible for any work done through him, as long as we were not notified of a potential unauthorized access.

Designer's Responsibility

Myfav.ro provides services for transforming your ideas into reality. You will assume responsibility for:

  • a. quality of design and product
  • b. transmission of files on the server correctly, according to our requirements,
  • c. choice of material
  • d. payments to myfav.ro for services and materials.

General Responsibilities:

You will assume full responsibility for the fact:

  • a. that all the information you provide us is accurate and complete
  • b. that the use of our website and services are subject to the law and not interfere with use of other people
  • c. that you understand all these terms and policies,
  • d. that you are aware and know all the legal requirements concerning the use of the website
  • e. informing us in time of any change of dates of contact.

You will not do the following:

  • a. you will not provide, without our written consent, your account data to any third party,
  • b. copy, modify, distribute, show a third party, decompile or sell parts of this site or its content in any manner that would be detrimental to the rights of our users or the website

Website Security

Information sent thru secure connections using the site, will never be sent over the Internet unencrypted. But all electronic data are succeptibile to be potentially unsafe interception by others. For this reason we can not guarantee 100% that the transferred data will not be monitored and read by others.

Payment problems

If you consider that there was a mistake in the calculation price of products/services, you must notify us in writing at our office or by a letter within 7 days from receipt of invoice.

General Terms:

These terms and conditions shall be considered as part of the contract concluded between us for any service provided by myfav.ro. These terms will replace and will be another priority of any earlier agreement.

Force majeure

Force majeure absolves parties of responsibility for partial or total failure of their obligations.
Force majeure means any event beyond the parties, unforeseeable and unavoidable appeared after the entry into force of this contract and prevents the parties to implement, in full or in part, the contractual obligations.


We can outsource with anyone, all or only part of the obligations set out in these terms.

Legal terms:

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Romania and the European Community, and any legal proceedings must be done in an organization in Romania.

If someone accesses and/or uses this website from another country, outside of Romania, he is considered responsible for knowing and applying the laws of the country where myfav.ro was accessed.